New Software Developed at UTA Tracks Candidates Statements

A professor and research team at University of Texas at Arlington received a grant for ClaimBuster, software that tracks and rates what political candidates say and claim.

"At this moment we cannot tell if it is true or false. Only if is an important factual claim, or not important factual claim," said associate professor Chengkai Li

According to its developers, the software looks at what the candidates say in debates, and on social media and then determines if there is information in that statement can be researched.

"In principle this should work for all kinds of scenarios, not just presidential debates," said Li.

The software rates what the candidates say on a scale of important to not important. In other words- can the claim be backed up by actual data.

They just rate them, it's up to you -to see if those statements are fact or fiction.

You can try out the website for yourself here.  

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