New Resources Arrive to Respond To Flooding In Johnson County

Spring weather has slammed Johnson County. First the tornadoes, then flash flooding throughout the month of May. Swift water rescues and flood-related calls have drained first responders.

"Our resources are limited and they have literally been working weeks on end," said Jamie Moore, Johnson County Emergency Manager.

With more rain chances in the forecast this week, special reinforcements were brought in by the state. The Texas Army National Guard deployed three heavy duty tactical vehicles and manpower from the 236th Engineer Company out of Lewisville.

"We wanted to get here and learn what we needed to do," said Sgt. Ernest Gunnell. "That way we can be effective as possible."

If flooding occurs again, they will team up with local fire departments to assist in high water rescues and recovery efforts.

"Anything they need us to do we take orders from them," said Gunnell. "Even stuff as small as clearing debris or knocking on doors to help warn citizens."

The trucks can drive through high water and help reach stranded homeowners. This past weekend, the county has had to call in air support to save people from rising water.

"To bring out fresh resources that aren't exhausted is going to be great in our response," said Moore.

The unit will stay in Johnson County through Monday. This is their third flood assignment in North Texas this month.

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