New Information on Driver in Big Rig Police Chase

NBC 5 Investigates has learned the man behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler that led authorities on a pursuit through several North Texas counties Wednesday was the trucker assigned to drive that big rig.

But the company that owns the truck told police that driver, identified as 60-year-old David Allen Arnold, was more than 1,000 miles where he was supposed to be.

The pursuit began when a Kaufman County state trooper ran a license plate check and the plate came back stolen because more than a day prior, the shipping company told police they couldn't find the truck or the man hired to drive it.

Pulling a trailer full of produce, Arnold rolled through three counties with police chasing behind.

The company that owns the 18-wheeler reported it stolen, telling police the driver was more than 30 hours overdue for a delivery in Maryland.

"For a still undetermined reason, the driver of the truck made the decision to not stop for our trooper and continued towards Dallas," said Sgt. Lonny Haschel, with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

A transportation industry source tells NBC 5 Investigates the driver had also stopped responding to calls from the shipping company.

What's unclear is why.

Haschel said he was not aware if the driver was providing any answers to investigators.

Troopers said Arnold is from Virginia, where state court records show a David Arnold with the same date of birth was convicted of stealing a car almost 20 years ago.

In 1998 he was ordered to serve six years probation for taking a Nissan along with some property from the man who owned the car.

Now, Arnold is accused of making off with a much larger set of wheels.

Two different companies own the tractor and the trailer. Management of those companies did not immediately respond to our calls for comment.

A dispatcher at the company that owns the tractor told NBC 5 Investigates Wednesday everyone was tied up dealing with the situation.

Fortunately, the pursuit and ensuing standoff with police ended with no one hurt.

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