New Entertainment Venue Debuts in Plano

The Box Garden at Legacy Hall hosted its grand opening Friday night

The Box Garden at Legacy Hall in Plano had its grand opening Friday night with headliner Sarah Jaffe.

"Let's take the bar for fun and entertainment and raise it up," Legacy Hall's new marketing director Gavin Mulloy said.

Mulloy used to market some of the most popular music venues in Deep Ellum. Now he's doing it in Plano.

"I don't know that my ideas were every rooted in geography," Mulloy said. "Deep Ellum should have cool stuff. Plano should have cool stuff. We should all have cooler stuff, and we should have more parties, and they should be better."

Collin County's newest music venue is giving residents a reason to stay home on the weekend.

"Fun fact, I live in Legacy West here, so I eat, sleep, breath Legacy West and Legacy Hall. So technically, Legacy Hall is my home," Courtney Garza, Event Sales Manager at Legacy Hall, said. "Let's be honest. How many music venues have you gone to that have good food?"

Legacy Hall's all-inclusive concept: food, drink, and entertainment, is changing the image of suburbia, and it's not the only city in Collin County trying to do it. Just this month, Frisco announced plans for Music City, a development with multiple stages and restaurants. In Allen, Monarch City hopes to become that city's version of Legacy West.

"Since I worked downtown, I would just stay downtown and Uber home." Olivia Rodriguez, who lives in Frisco, said. Now "home" is just 10 minutes away if Rodriguez wants to catch a concert. "It brings downtown to hometown," Rodriguez said, as she took a sip of her glass of wine..

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