New Concussion Center Opens in Plano

A new concussion center at Texas Health Plano is promoting screenings for all ages.

“Whether you’re the quarterback on the high school football team or you’re the mom of the quarterback on the football team – we want to make sure everyone’s brain gets a chance to heal,” said Dr. Martha Grimm, medical director of the Ben Hogan Concussion Center at the hospital.

The clinic has only been taking patients since the end of August, offering physical and neurological evaluations and treatment plans for patients with concussions or those hoping to avoid brain injury.

A baseline test is offered to a healthy person before injury and post-injury results can help develop a therapy and rehabilitation plan for others.

While much of the attention and research involving concussions stems from the sports medicine field, Dr. Grimm says sports related concussions only make up 10 to 15 percent of the total amount.

“Most concussions are motor vehicle accidents or falls,” she said, adding that as recently as a few years ago, a concussion was only diagnosed if a patient reported losing consciousness or a blow to the head.

Today, however, she says it’s known in the medical field that a concussion can be caused by any blunt trauma to the body that can cause the brain to move around in the skull.

Patient Steve Bergenholtz of Plano says after going through a car accident in August, he didn’t realize he’d suffered a concussion until visiting the emergency room hours later.

“When she hit me, I don’t remember everything for certain, but I know I did not hit my head,” he said.

“I thought it was just a fender bender. I didn’t realize I had a concussion.”

Bergenholtz reports suffering headaches, general “fogginess” in his brain, as well as issues with walking straight lines. He hasn’t driven since his accident.

However, through treatment at the Concussion Center, he’s hoping to speed up his recovery.

The clinic is encouraging baseline assessment testing for people of all ages.

A physician referral isn't necessary.

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