Neighbors Worry ZIP Code Change Will Make Delivery Issues Worse

The change will take place beginning July 1

With a ZIP code change quickly approaching, some people living in McKinney say they're not sure it's enough to fix what they believe is problematic mail service.

"The mail service can be a little hit and miss," McKinney resident Linda McLain said.

McLain is one of several people living in McKinney's 75050 ZIP code that said mail arrived at inconsistent times based on who the carrier was and sometimes did not arrive at all.

Other neighbors said the problem has caused them to miss things like prescriptions and bills.

"We’ve had times when we didn’t get mail, and I’ll call the company and they’ll say, 'Well it was mailed out.' And I'll say, 'Well I didn’t get it.' And of course they never believe that because they think you're just not paying the bill, you know," Diane Travis, another resident, said.

Last week, when the United States Postal Service announced it would be changing the ZIP codes for some residents, it said the change was necessary to help with sorting and delivery in a fast-growing community.

But when asked if USPS was aware of delivery issues and whether a new ZIP code would improve delivery, a spokesperson said in a statement, "A ZIP code change should have no bearing on mail delivery issues. We strive to provide excellent customer service."

USPS encourages those with delivery issues reach out to their local post office, call 1-800-ASK-USPS or visit USPS online.

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