Neighbors Upset After Alligator Spotted With Knife Stuck in Head

Neighbors say the local gators keep to themselves despite sharing their habitat with people

People living in a Houston-area suburb are worried about an alligator seen swimming in a lake with a kitchen knife sticking out of its head.

KPRC-TV reports the gator has been spotted recently in Pumpkin Lake, in Sugar Land. Erin Weaver got close enough to see that the knife appeared to be near or inside the gator's eye.

"I just felt so bad for him. I can't believe someone would be that cruel to do that to one of our alligators in our community," Weaver said.

It was after she posted pictures on a community Facebook group when she learned she wasn't the only one who has spotted the wounded gator.

"Horrified that someone would ever do anything like that to an animal, there's no cause for it," Jennifer Griffin told KPRC. She said the gators keep to themselves and doesn't understand why someone would try to harm one.

The Fort Bend County Game Warden's Office told KPRC it was aware and plans to search for the gator on Monday.

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