Donald Trump

NBC 5 One-on-One With President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump spoke with NBC 5 Political Reporter Julie Fine during his trip to Texas on Thursday. It was a wide ranging interview, that covered why he visited the new Louis Vuitton workshop in Johnson County, the ceasefire negotiated with Turkey and Syria, the impeachment inquiry and Texas in 2020.

"I love Texas. I love the people. Today we are opening this great plant, Louis Vuitton. Nobody though it would be possible too get this great French name in the heart of Texas, and they did it," said the President.

President Trump was in Texas here right after a ceasefire was announced with Turkey and Syria.

"Well I think it is going to be fantastic. The Kurds are in great shape now. Turkey is going to be in great shape. We got them to stop the firing. It was a very unconventional way of deal making, But I think you needed that, otherwise it would have never stopped," said the President.

NBC 5 also spoke about the impeachment inquiry.

"With the impeachment inquiry on-going, will you works with Democrats on bills like infrastructure and can anything get done in Washington right now," ask Fine. "Well, the impeachment is just a witch hunt. It is a disgraceful thing that Pelosi and this crew are able to do it. I call them the do nothing Democrats. All they do, they don't think they can win the election, which is coming up in believe in or not in a little more than 12 months....they don't think they can win the election and this is the way they try to do it," said the President.

"Will you work with them though to get bills like infrastructure done," ask Fine. "Sure I will work with them, I'll with anybody, but they don't want to do anything else," said the President.

This is President Trump's 12th visit to the state, a state he is confident he will win again.

"In 2018, Texas had some areas that went blue that had not in the past. Are you concerned that can affect you in this upcoming election," ask Fine. "Well I wasn't running in 2018 but I can tell you in 2016 we easily won Texas.... by a lot and you had no areas that went blue that we know of. Texas is going to be a very republican state," said the President.

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