NBC 5 Helps Midlothian Man With Fence Contractor Delays

Homeowner paid Condor Fencing a $1,700 deposit to build a privacy fence

Slowly but surely, Glenn DuBose's Midlothian home is coming together.

"We bought the house in January. It was in quite a need for work to get it back up to where it should be," he said.

DuBose said the house is about 75 percent complete. But the project that's really been a thorn in his side: the fence.

DuBose paid Condor Fencing a $1,700 deposit to build a privacy fence for his new home. "They assured me that they were gonna have a fence up by the 21st," DuBose said.

But on the 21st of June, DuBose said he started to worry.

"They didn't come. They didn't even show up," he explained.

He said the owner, Shawn Partain, assured him they'd be back the following week, but that didn't happen either. DuBose said he didn't see them again until the end of July, when they started drilling more holes in the ground.

Per the contract, DuBose is supposed to get a free fence stain if the work isn't finished by the deadline. But he said he's not counting on that either.

DuBose said a friend sent him an article from the Waxahachie Daily Light which read, "Midlothian fencing company scams Mesquite woman out of $1,500..."

In the article, the contractor in question is Shawn Partain of Condor Fencing. After seeing our report from February on the same company, DuBose said he believed he was getting "scammed."

We asked the owner, Shawn Partain, about complaints on his business. He told us he's fixing everything.

"That's all we can do. Been in business for 18 years and had a hiccup," he said.

As for the delays on DuBose's fence, he said the heat has been backing them up. Partain said he'd have the fence done by July 27, but DuBose said that didn't happen.

"Fix the fence. Just get the fence fixed," DuBose said.

About a week after our initial call to the contractor, DuBose said he got a call saying the contractor would be there later that day. By the end of the day, DuBose said Condor Fencing finally finished the fence and did a great job.

"You’ve done more for me at this point than anyone else could’ve ever done for me," he said.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Condor Fencing has the second highest number of complaints of any fence contractor in its database.

So before your next home project, here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions: 

• Check reviews online.
• Include a start date and completion deadline on your contract.  DuBose only had a completion date.
• Remember, paying deposits up front, especially half, can be risky.

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