Nationwide Christmas Tree Shortage Could Impact North Texas Prices

If you're dead-set on buying a real Christmas tree this holiday season, you might have to dig a bit deeper.  The reason, say experts, supplies are tight.

A nationwide Christmas tree shortage didn't stop one North Texas woman from realizing her dream of going into the business.

Michele Wetteland opened the shop, Marshmallow Mountain Christmas Trees, in Argyle Wednesday.  The idea to open a tree farm was inspired by a Christmas-themed story, published by her boyfriend.

"I love just the perfume, the fragrance of the season it brings into our lives," she said.

There was just one problem in starting the business like this. Fresh cut Christmas trees are hard to come by.

"The interesting thing about the Christmas tree industry in North America is it's actually struggling right now," said Wetteland.

Michele called around to growers in the Pacific Northwest, Americas top grower, but they were already out. Finally, she was able to secure a shipment of 400 trees from a farmer in Michigan.

"So we really had to work to find a farmer to supply us with trees, but we did," she said.

The trees on her lot are big, eight to sixteen feet tall.

"They're Texas-sized Christmas trees," she laughed.

Because of the shortage, they'll cost a little more.  A trend experts predict could last a few more years.  Wetteland has faith that they'll be worth it.

"Really, what I hope people leave with, even more than a Christmas tree, is that they leave with a treasured memory," she said.

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