North Texas

National Guard Helps Assess Horseshoe Bend Flooding Damage

The National Guard assessed damage Tuesday in Parker County following flooding along the Brazos River.

A convoy of National Guard trucks slowly made its way down rural roads to help position search and rescue crews checking on anyone who stayed in their homes near Horseshoe Bend.

"Seen the crews go in and out," said Kevin Tindol from his home.

He didn't leave, despite five feet of water in his first floor and no electricity.

"It's gonna take a lot to get me to come upstairs," he said.

Tindol said it's the forth time in 10 months the Brazos River has flooded into his home.

"Took out all the couches and everything we had in here," Tindol said, standing on his stairs and looking at the water inside his home.

"The river is two blocks away!" he said.

The Emergency Services District that serves Horseshoe Bend estimates 60 homes have been damaged by the latest round of flooding. The National Guard tally of homes damaged will be used to help get a local disaster declaration, and try to get flood victims some help.

"I'd like to pack up and just leave and not be here," Tindol said. "But Grandfather built it. Gotta stay here."

He said he remembered the home flooding when he was a child.

"We lost everything one Christmas," Tindol recalled. "Get a couple of inches of rain and better get ready to start moving."

Between Sunday and Monday, 60 people voluntarily evacuated their homes. Another 30 people had to be rescued by boat.

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