Dallas County

Mystery Surrounds Absence of Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk

Her mother says DA 'needed time off'

As the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk grew on Monday, Hawk's mother said she is simply taking a break after working a lot.

Hawk hasn't been seen in her office for about three weeks, and aides have declined to say whether she is on vacation or when she plans to return.

"She's been working every weekend, working late every day," said Hawk's mother, Joanne McWithey. "She just needed time off."

McWithey declined to elaborate.

Meanwhile, Democrats called on Hawk to show up to work or resign.

"My heart goes out to her personally," said Carol Donovan, chairwoman of the Dallas County Democratic Party. "I know Susan. I'm concerned about Susan. But as a public official we have to admit that the public deserves not only a right to know what's going on but they also deserve someone who is working."

Hawk admits she took time off during her campaign to go to rehab for a problem with painkillers but there's no indication her current absence is related.

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