My Plates to Hold Another Vanity License Plate Auction

Auction to be held Jan. 25 in Houston

First there was FERRARI, followed FT WORTH and T-DALLAS, RANGERS and COWBOYS along with 27 other custom, high-profile Texas license plates.  Now, My Plates is ready for their next auction.

On Jan. 25, 2013, at Reliant Center in Houston, My Plates will auction off another vanity plate -- HOUSTON.

HOUSTON isn't the only plate to be auctioned, the company will also auction off nine other plates -- though exactly what those plates are they won't say just yet. The other plates to be auctioned will be announced over the next few weeks, though if history is any indicator, then ASTROS, ROCKETS and TEXANS may be good bets.

Of a mind to make a bid?  T-DALLAS sold for $1,500, FT WORTH for $5,000, RANGERS for $10,000, COWBOYS for $11,500 and FERRARI for $15,000. So take your checkbook.

With a win, you'll get the plate for 10 years along with first right of refusal for every renewal period thereafter -- which will come every 10 years.  The owner could, essentially, own the plate forever or, since they are transferable, sell it to a collector.

"Texas has had personalized license plates since 1965 but only recently added a 7th character for personalization.  That 7th character opened up a very valuable inventory of plate messages for the State, messages deemed too valuable to sell at regular market prices," said My Plates in a news release Wednesday. "Proceeds benefit chosen charities and the state's general revenue fund, which helps pay for services for all Texans.  My Plates will donate its auction proceeds to charity."

In the first auction, My Plates said Texans spent $139,400 on 33 plates, $78,195 of which went to the state's general fund.  Since Nov., 2009, Texans have bought more than 120,000 My Plates -- bringing more than $14 million into the state's general revenue fund.

The Great Plate Auction 2013 is open to the public with free admission inside the Hall B rotunda at Reliant Center. Register your interest at

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