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Multiple Properties Damaged by Floodwaters in Argyle

Neighbors blame new development for increasing flood problem

Homeowners were cleaning up damage Wednesday from flooding that inundated about a dozen properties on Valley View Court and Skyline Drive in Argyle Tuesday night.

Savannah and Matt King were in their bathroom bracing for a possible tornado when they realized the storm's torrential rain would be their menace instead.

"It came so fast, we grabbed every blanket, every towel, everything we had," Savannah King said.

They tried to build a dam to keep the water out of their house, but the water rose higher than they had ever seen it before.

"When you see that water entering your house and you know there’s nothing you can do, it’s sickening. It's just sickening," she said.

They blame increasing flood problems on new development on higher land behind their property.

Nearby, neighbor Erin Reed agreed that flooding around her home has increased in the past several years since that new development.

"It’s exactly what it is," Reed said. "All this started with the development in the neighborhood behind us."

Reed took cell phone video of the water rushing around her home's foundation Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning, the ground around the foundation had eroded and a pipe once burried in her yard was exposed.

"That was a French drain that initially was 18 inches under ground, and now it floats," Reed said.

The neighbors said run off from the new development is funneled into the existing ditches and streets in their older neighborhood.

"All of the water is diverted into this drainage easement basically, it's feet of water in an instant," said homeowner Ted Dowing.

But instead of staying in the ditches, neighbors said last night's storm ran through yards and new places it was never intended to go.

"This is not fair. This is not how it was designed when our house was put in. So we really need them to take a look at what’s happening above us and around us," Savannah King said.

The neighbors said Argyle officials were in the area during the story and again on Wednesday. They said the officials promised to hire an engineer to investigate solutions for the future.

With more rain in the forecast this week, the Argyle Fire Department said there is concern the flooding could return soon, potentially causing more damage in the days to come.

"That's our concern is more flooding with more rain in the forecast," said Mike Luge, Arygle's Assistant Fire Chief.

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