Motorcyclist Still Hospitalized Two Weeks After Hit and Run

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An East Texas family is growing restless as they wait for Dallas Police to find the driver who hit Billy Dunn while on a motorcycle and left him for dead.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the crash in the early hours of September 18.

Jessica Dunn said she got a call from friends just before 3 a.m.

They told her that while meeting up with friends for a motorcycle ride, Billy was getting on the ramp to US-75 near Good Latimer when the driver of a white pickup truck hit him from behind.

They said the car dragged him and his bike about 20 feet.

Then, the driver fled.

"Two of our friends actually had to perform CPR on him, because he had no pulse,” said Dunn.

At first, they didn't know if Billy would make it. Even now, Dunn says the father of two isn't out of the woods.

"He still has a blood clot in his aortic area, along with his kidneys. The numbers aren't exactly where they want them to be,” said Dunn.

He’s also sustained fractures to both his ribs and face.

Dallas police continue to investigate, but Dunn said the family is growing frustrated as they wait to see the person responsible put behind bars.

“You left a brother, a dad, an uncle. You left a son. You left an amazing person behind to die,” said Dunn.

Though justice can't fix a now uncertain future, Dunn said it would bring relief and hopefully protect others.

According to the family, investigators said no city-owned cameras captured the collision.

They’re hopeful footage from a friend's Go-Pro can help track that driver in a newer model white or silver Dodge Ram pickup.

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