#MotivationMonday : Finding Beauty From Within (No Pros Needed)

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Pat Smith is a Dallas mother, author, entrepreneur, speaker, minister, producer and so much more.

Smith is much like many women. Always trying to juggle everything, no matter what the storm may be around her.

Currently, that storm is the coronavirus pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans, sickened hundreds of thousands and has put millions on state-at-home orders.

Meantime, all businesses considered non-essential have been shut down. Those people without paychecks as the future of their businesses hang in the balance. Some of those personnel are people who work in beauty, nail salons, barbershops, wellness spas and more. As those businesses have now been closed for weeks, many people, specific women, have been concerned about their appearance. All the things they were able to do one before have abruptly stopped and causing a major void for so many.

Smith said she feels your pain, but that this time of reflection has almost been a blessing in disguise.

“There has been a lot of suffering. I know people suffering, I know people who have lost somebody,” Smith said. “People who have lost jobs. It is heartbreaking. I will never take the simplicity, the quiet and my health ever again.”

She said she sees many of her social media followers and friends struggling with the fact their appearances are changing.


“This isn’t the time to be so concerned with that, but rather take this time to realize many of us were doing way too much. I want a more simple life. There are definitely things you have to do outside of your home. The time I spent on beauty stuff that I could have just done right here [at home]. I know I’m not going back to it. Not just because of the time, but because of the money,” Smith said.

She said that this time has been scary, but it also has taught her how quickly you can slip into a depression if you aren’t careful.

“I get dressed for myself, first. It just makes me feel better. Get out of your pajamas. You don’t have put on something expensive, but it keeps you in a routine and not so stagnant,” Smith said. “I had to start thinking about who I was getting dressed for before all of this happened. Now, I get dressed for myself. It’s about how I feel.”

Smith and her three-time Super Bowl champion husband, Emmitt Smith, are also working to help during the pandemic. Raising money to feed students in the Dallas ISD and for food donations through the North Texas Food Bank.

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