Mother, 1-Month-Old Survive Collapsing Mobile Home

A mother and her 1-month-old daughter survived the collapse of their mobile home as it was buffeted by straight-line winds during Thursday's storms in North Texas.

The strong storms that swept through Johnson County destroyed Kelsey White-Fryer's home on Jan Lane in Joshua, ripping off its entire back side and causing its roof to cave in on her and her 1-month-old Alexis.

The baby suffered only minor injuries, including a cut on her nose. White-Fryer was not hurt and said was more concerned for her daughter's safety than about the damage to the home.

"It scared me worse that something flew off and hit her," she said. "It scared me more about that than it did about the house blown over."

Deputies attributed the damage to straight-line winds. The home was the only one significantly damaged in the neighborhood.

White-Fryer and her daughter are staying with family while they recover.

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