Mother, Next Gen Action Network Hold Rally Monday Over Arlington Arrests

Family wants phone back, officer fired and charged with official oppression

The mother who recorded the arrests of her two teen sons earlier this month appeared at a rally Monday evening with representatives of The Next Generation Action Network. Meanwhile, the Arlington police are shedding more light into the arrests with the release of a search warrant Monday afternoon.

Latasha Nelson and her attorney, Kim Cole, met with Arlington Chief of Police Will Johnson on Friday to discuss the arrests of her sons. After the meeting, Nelson told a number of reporters in the lobby of Arlington Police Headquarters that charges are pending against both teens, including burglary of a vehicle for 14-year-old Trayvon and and interfering with police duties for 16-year-old Broderick.

The Arlington woman who alleges officers offered to drop charges against her two teenage sons in exchange for cellphone video she recorded says she has now received an eviction notice.

Arlington police confirmed Monday charges against the teens are proceeding forward and are not scheduled to be dropped. Police added that despite rumors over the weekend, no other arrests have been made in the case.

Later that afternoon, the department released a redacted search warrant affidavit that confirms why Nelson's phone has not yet been returned to her -- because the arresting officer believed it showed evidence of the woman's son interfering with his duties.

In the warrant, police reaffirmed two officers, identified as Haning and Wilson, were dispatched to the apartment complex to follow up on a burglary in progress call. According to police, a witness confronted two juvenile black males that she claims she saw burglarize her neighbor's vehicle. The witness said she was able to get a good look at the boys and provided a description. The victim, meanwhile, told police that she intended to prosecute.

Haning, according to the affidavit, soon located and detained a person matching the exact description provided by the witness.  A short time later, Nelson arrived and began recording the investigation, police said.

The mother who recorded the controversial arrests of her two teen sons earlier this month says charges are pending against both of her boys and that the police officer who arrested them may file assault charges against the older teen for brushing up against him.

Haning then reported that Nelson "became verbally aggressive and stood in the street in a manner that blocked the patrol vehicle from exiting."

In a statement last week, Arlington police said they'd seen the video released by Nelson and The Next Generation Action Network and that many questions needed to be answered in the ongoing investigation.

As of this writing, the investigation into allegations of misconduct against the officer is ongoing. With juveniles involved in the case, and to not compromise their investigation, police are only able to reveal so much.  At this time both officers remain on duty and charges are still pending against both juveniles.

Early Monday afternoon, Minister Dominque Alexander, with NGAN, spoke in front of the Arlington Police Headquarters continuing to ask for justice for the family, including having the charges against the teens dropped and for Nelson's property to be returned. Additionally, they're asking for charges to be brought forth against Haning and for him to be terminated.

NGAN sponsored a rally on behalf of the family Monday outside Arlington City Hall. Speakers at the rally included Alexander, and the group repeated its hope for having the teens' charges dropped and Nelson's property returned.


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