Mom Wants Answers After 3-Year-Old Burned By Cell Phone

A Texas mom wants answers after her three-year-old daughter was seriously burned by a cell phone while it was charging, NBC affiliate KPRC reports.

Tiffany Colquitt of Clute, near Houston, says her daughter Jordan was playing with balloons and was trying to reach one that went behind the couch when her arm touched the phone.

Colquitt showed pictures of the girl’s dime-sized burns on her arm.

The phone appeared to be burnt and melted at the phone’s charging port.

A LG spokesperson released a statement to KPRC that said

"Our primary concern is about the health and safety of our customers and their families. Our experts connected with Ms. Colquitt, who thankfully reported that there is no need for medical attention. We are not aware of similar incidents with this device and we asked her to send us the phone and charger for our engineers to examine."

Colquitt disputes LG’s statement saying “I did not say there was no need for medical attention, but I said I did not have the funds or insurance to be able to take her to the doctor. Nor have they asked for me to send the charger or phone. I have all email communications from them and I've sent and received one email since about filling out a claim form and returning it with the pictures via email which I did. I also received Jordan's insurance card in the mail today coincidentally and I've scheduled her for the soonest appointment for her pediatrician Thursday morning."

Colquitt hopes LG can find out what happened so no other child will be burned.

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