‘Mom on a Mission' Spreads Heart Health Awareness With New Book

A self-proclaimed "mom on a mission" is making it her life’s purpose to spread awareness about the benefits of cultivating a healthy heart.

February is national "Heart Health Month," which promotes healthy choices that will lead to a healthy heart and a healthy life for not just individuals, but entire families.

Gisella "GiGi" Olivo recently wrote a book entitled "Pump's Magical Adventures." The inspiration for the book comes from her own story about her son, Wyatt.

Wyatt, 27, was born with two heart defects. He had to undergo surgery at only 5 days old. Ollivo says that experience inspired a new passion and purpose.

"I believe that sometimes in life, your biggest burdens can become your biggest blessings," Olivo said. "So, what happened to my son was a blessing to me because it made me aware of my heart. Now, I can tell more families and give them information to keep them healthy."

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 1,177,000 Texans are diagnosed with heart disease.

Olivo's book is in both English and Spanish. To find more details about the book, click here.

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