Mobile Medical Clinics to Help Families Impacted by Harvey

In College Station, a group of students at Texas A&M University is building mobile medical clinics to help those in need of critical health services.

The students, part of "BUILD," are studying in the fields of engineering, construction science, finance, business and kinesiology.

It takes 12 days to build one mobile clinic from a shipping container. Twelve mobile clinics have already been donated and stationed around the world, including Central America, Haiti and Iraq.

"The clinic in Iraq will help Syrian refugees with their medical needs," said Kayla McCabe, a Junior at Texas A&M studying to receive a degree in construction science. "This is my passion. Everyone on this team loves to service. It's important for us to make an impact."

The team of students is working to put a clinic in Southeast Texas to help first responders and families in need.

"Everyone here knows someone who is in Houston or near the surrounding area," said McCabe. "I have family who is stranded in Houston. It's flooded around their home. I also have an uncle and aunt who had to be evacuated from their house in Bay City. So this storm has hit close to home."

Each clinic is equipped with running water, lights, an AC unit powered by a generator, two sinks, an exam room, storage and a waiting area.

BUILD is hoping to move the clinic southward later in the week.

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