Wayne Carter

Mobile Library Helps Children Gain Access To Books

Some kids think they've seen it all, but most of the little ones who stepped inside of the Denton Independent School District ’s new mobile library admit this was something new to them.

Librarians in the Denton ISD created a mobile library that could bring books to communities in their district which don't have a library nearby. The librarians knew during summer months many of their students didn't have access to new books.

"It was 13 miles to the nearest public library for Denton and they couldn't make that trek," said Lisa O'Rear of Denton ISD.

O'Rear said almost half their students live outside city limits where access to libraries is slim. She called it heartbreaking.

Students who aren't reading during the summer will fall almost two months behind their peers according to many statistics.

"It's known as the summer slide and it's true it happens and we want to fix that," said O’Rear.

Students not only boarded the bus and got their hands on books, but immediately cracked them open.

"You can get smarter and find out words you never knew about and just see people's point of view," said student Kavan Butler.

Everyone pitches in, including the bus driver, to make sure they students are engaged, and given the tools they need to succeed.

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