Michael Bloomberg Makes 1st Trip to Texas Since Announcing Presidential Run

Bloomberg will focus his campaign on the Super Tuesday states

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The former mayor of New York City is running for the Democratic nomination for president, and is putting his focus on the Super Tuesday states instead of the early caucuses and primaries.

Michael Bloomberg made his first trip to Texas as a 2020 presidential candidate Saturday and he had plenty to say about President Donald Trump.

"If ever there was someone who was all hat and no cattle it is Donald Trump," Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg enters an already crowded Democratic field, but he is not talking about any of his opponents. Instead, he is focused on Trump.

"He is a dangerous threat to this county, to our values, and our national security, and I do believe that if he wins another term in office we may never recover from the damage," Bloomberg said. "And that is why I am running for president."

Bloomberg spoke at the quarterly State Democratic Executive Committee meeting. The former mayor talked about what he would do as president, and pointed to accomplishments he made in New York, like creating safer communities, fixing schools and fighting poverty.

Bloomberg also stressed the importance of Texas in 2020.

"The way I see it, Texas is the biggest battleground state and I am going to fight like hell to win its 38 electoral votes," he said.

Bloomberg is following an unusual playbook, skipping the early contests and focusing on super Tuesday states. He also said he would campaign in the swing states. 

When Bloomberg was considering this run, Trump said that he would fail, and there was nobody he would rather run against.

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