Mesquite Soldier Dustin Vincent Remembered by Family

Lt. Dustin Vincent was killed in Iraq on Thursday.

A few days after receiving word that his brother died, Brad Vincent is still in shock.

His younger brother, Lt. Dustin Vincent of Mesquite, died on Thursday from wounds he sustained when enemy forces in Iraq attacked his military unit.

Vincent was the youngest of three brothers.

“I just couldn’t sleep the night I found out,” Brad said. “I was just looking at his pictures.”

Vincent graduated from Mesquite High School and went on to study engineering at the University of Texas in Arlington.

He was married, marrying his wife two days before leaving for war. He also adopted his wife’s daughter.

“He loved that little girl,” said family member Chandra Usry.

Usry said that is the type of man he was: loving, selfless and kind. Usry, Vincent's stepsister,  added he took her right in when they were brought together by marriage a few years ago.

This was Vincent’s first tour in Iraq. Usry remembers saying goodbye.

“He was giving everyone hugs, and I just said, ‘Be safe.’ That was the last thing I said to him,”  Usry said.

Usry said the family was always concerned about Vincent’s safety overseas. She said she’s trying to be strong for her stepmother, Vincent's mother, who is struggling the most with his death.

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