Mesquite Police Drop Charges Against Man Shot by an Officer: Attorney

The attorney for a man who was shot by a Mesquite Police officer last week says the charges against the man have now been dropped.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mesquite Police announced they have determined that Lyndo Jones, who was shot by officers during a suspicious person call, was trying to get into his own locked truck.

Mesquite police spoke on Tuesday afternoon about the investigation that involved an officer that shot a suspect that was trying to get into his own truck. The attorney for a man who was shot confirmed to NBC 5 Tuesday night that the charges against the man have now been dropped.

Jones is recovering after he was shot in the abdomen by Mesquite police on Nov. 8. At a news conference Tuesday, police Lt. Brian Parrish said officers responded after someone reported a man breaking into a vehicle, setting off its alarm.

Parrish says Jones was shot during a scuffle as the officers tried to handcuff him.

Jones said he never had an opportunity to comply with the officer.

“That man asked me to get on the ground and before I could even get on the ground… I looked at the ground with my hands up in his face and he shot me,” Jones said. “[He] didn't give me no time to get on no ground or nothing.”

Jones was hospitalized for six days and underwent several surgeries.

“I'm in pain in my stomach, the top part of my back and under my arm,” Jones said. “My body is so tight. It's like someone is pushing on me and I can't even breathe.”

Parrish confirms assertions by Jones' attorney that the truck was his client's. Attorney S. Lee Merritt said Tuesday the shooting was unjustified and that Jones was denied counsel.

Parrish denies that claim, but says the shooting is under separate internal and criminal investigations.

Police say Jones attempted to flee, but he denies that.

Late Tuesday night, Merritt, Jones attorney, confirmed to NBC 5 that the charges of evading arrest have now been dropped by the Mesquite Police Department.

Police released a statement about the dropped charge:

In reference to the dismissal of the misdemeanor charge against Mr. Lyndo Jones. The first priority in cases involving a hospitalized prisoner is that prisoner’s medical recovery. The Mesquite police Department typically will not maintain misdemeanor charges on persons in medical facilities who face a lengthy recovery. Yesterday MPD received information that the pending Misdemeanor charge against Mr. Jones may be inhibiting his treatment and access to his family. The decision was made to dismiss the misdemeanor charge, which will hopefully assist in his medical recovery. The charge may be revisited at a later time.

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