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Memories of Lake Placid Olympics Burn Bright

It’s been nearly four decades since Lake Placid, New York, last hosted the Winter Olympics. But, the memories of the 1980 Games that saw the “Miracle On Ice” still burn bright for 78 year-old Gigi Jenkins. She saw it all as both a spectator and athlete.

Gigi recalls the Opening Ceremony, which was held at the local Horse Show Grounds. “When you look at it now on film, it’s so nothing. But it was a big deal to us,” she recalls.

Gigi was also an athlete, who tested the luge run before the Olympic races. “It was exciting. I was part of the Olympics for God’s sake! I was lovin’ it all.”

Then came the “Miracle On Ice.” Gigi was in the arena when Team USA upset the heavily favored Soviet Union. “It took a minute for it to sink in, what had really happened. The announcer was yelling ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ and we’re all… we just saw it happen, but we still didn’t believe it.”

When the next Winter Olympics open in PyeongChang, South Korea, it will have been 38 years since the flame burned in Lake Placid. But Gigi hopes it won’t be the last. “I would love to see the Olympics come back here.”

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