Medics Respond to Accidents in Challenging Weather Conditions

Fort Worth-based Medstar crews keep busy in torrential rain

MedStar ambulance service, which serves Fort Worth and some surrounding cities, responded to three high-water rescue calls and several dozen car accidents as torrential rain fell for the second straight day on Friday.

One of the accidents was a car in a ditch along North Loop 820.

"[The driver] said he lost control in the rain and couldn't see because of all the reflections," said Medstar supervisor Nate Raymond.

The driver wasn't hurt.

Medics and emergency crews face the same difficult conditions as other drivers, Raymond said.

"The rain provides a pretty significant challenge for us," he said.

His very next call: One of MedStar's own crews ended up in their own weather-related mishap when the ambulance's front wheels became stuck in a hole in a parking lot.

The driver said in the darkness and the rain, he could not see the hole, which was not marked.

The ambulance had to be towed for repairs.

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