Swine Flu Threat Closes MDA Summer Camps

Disappointed camper says he had looked forward to it all year

The Muscular Dystrophy Association has decided to cancel this year's remaining summer camps after at least 11 kids reportedly came down with swine flu when they returned home from earlier camps.

The MDA has held more than 30 camps nationwide this summer, and 47 more were scheduled.

Brian Spann, a 14-year-old Allen resident, said he's heartbroken after learning on Friday that he would not be attending the MDA camp in Meridian, Tx.

"I mean I've looked forward to it for a whole year, it's hard to not be able to go for another year," said Spann, who has been in a wheelchair since the 4th grade.

Spann was originally scheduled to leave for his sixth summer camp on Sunday.  

"It's a week that I can be like a normal kid and be like everybody else and be with friends and just have a great time," he said. "So, I was pretty upset about it at first."

He's among some 2,500 kids nationwide who will be missing camp this summer.

"I was kind of frustrated and a little mad, but after I kind of calmed down and talked myself through it, I kind of understood that it was for the best," Spann said.

Spann's mother agreed. 

"I really do feel like they've made the best decision, as disappointed as we were," Kathy Spann said. "And they are going to work hard, I know, to try to make it up to the kids."

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