McKinney ISD

McKinney Teacher Uses Glow Stick Party to Help Review Lessons

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Think fast, is it a math class or a glow stick party?

Math teacher Amber Hooten at Press Elementary School in McKinney ISD said why not have both?

She invited her students to wear neon, brought out some black lights and came up with a game they had to play under the black lights to review what she taught the previous week.

"They're solving with their group one of the questions," Hooten said. "If they get the correct answer, they get a heart and run their heart up to the mailbox."

The students work together to solve problems and guide one another through how they get to an answer.

"I think it's getting more easier as it goes, because I understand more," student Zaylon Carter said.

Carter said his team did well, but more than, that he said they all knew the material because they wanted to win.

Ms. Hooten first tried it in the fall, and it really worked.

"It was really good to see the the growth they took on the test, the one we had October. It was great to see that," Hooten said.

"It's a little bit crazy, but it's a lot of fun, and she's a really good teacher for coming up with stuff like this she makes it fun for us to do," student Trinity Dumas said.

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