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McKinney Neighbors ‘Disturbed' After Racist Letters Left on Doorsteps

Residents in the Craig Ranch neighborhood of McKinney say they are anxious after they found "disturbing letters" on their doorsteps this week. 

The letter reads, "Our new President Donald Trump is God's gift to white nation."

A copy of the letter was given to NBC 5 by a friend of a resident in that community. 

He is from south India, but currently lives in Allen. He found the letters this week while visiting his friends in Craig Ranch. 

The letter's message continues with, "We want to get our country back on the right track. We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians, blacks and Jews." 

The man who sent the letter to NBC 5 and his friends, who are also from south India, all wish to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, but said, "we are very disturbed and confused about our future here." 

The McKinney Police Department said they have had several residents call about the letter and are investigating it. 

Police told NBC 5 if they discover any information about the letter, including who wrote it or who may have distributed it, it will be taken "very seriously." 

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been 701 recorded incidents of hateful harassment since Election Day. They note, however, that "while the total number of incidents has risen, the trend line points to a steady drop-off. Around 65 percent of these incidents collected occurred in the first three days following the election."

During an interview with the New York Times this week, Trump publicly disavowed white nationalist sympathizers who celebrated his election during an alt-right conference in Washington last weekend. A reporter asked Trump for a comment about the event, during which attendees cheered Trump’s election and gave Nazi salutes.

“I disavow them and condemn them,” Trump said. "It's not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why."

But Trump did defend his appointment of Steve Bannon, former president of Breitbart News, to serve as his chief strategist and senior White House counselor.

Bannon has been criticized for his leadership of the news site, which has a history of publishing anti-Semitic, racist and misogynist content and is embraced by the alt-right and white nationalist groups. Trump told Times reporters that he does not think Bannon shares the same negative beliefs as the site's following.

"If I thought he was a racist or alt-right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I couldn't even think about hiring him," Trump said.

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