McKinney Porch Pirate Returns Items, Arrested

Detectives say they were shocked after woman is seen returning packages to her alleged victims homes after a string of thefts

McKinney Porch Pirate
McKinney Police Department

McKinney polcie announced Thursday the arrest of Jennifer English-Dudu, who is charged with Theft of Property, a third-degree felony, as well as a misdemeanor theft charge.

Recently, a video was posted in which a woman was seen taking boxes off a front porch and walking to a vehicle around 10:30 at night.

Detective Mitch Jenkins said he and his Intel Unit were able to enhance the video even further to capture the license plate, ultimately leading to the woman being identified.

But it's what happened next, according to the police vet, that just doesn't happen every day.

Jenkins said what investigators found is very rare: A porch pirate who never opened any of the stolen boxes and even returned them all and confessed.

One of Dudu's alleged victims, explained that she seeks forgiveness, rather than judgment for her crimes.

The longtime McKinney resident said she will pray for the woman who is now facing those charges. She said, "My daughter had been saving up to surprise me with an outdoor TV for my recent birthday, but the giant box was stolen right out from under us, as the saying goes."

Det. Jenkins was able to return the property to the rightful owners, still in their unopened boxes.

"It's sad that anyone would steal but says she has asked God to forgive her." said the McKinney victim.

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