Matthew McConaughey Joins Veterans, Celebs in Red River Charity Softball Game

Academy Award winning actor and Texan Matthew McConaughey will be among dozens of actors and athletes joining veterans of America's armed services playing in a charity softball game Thursday ahead of Texas-OU weekend.

The Red River Charity Softball Game will benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation, a charity established in 2010 by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Luttrell authored a best-selling novel in 2007, a "harrowing, emotionally raw account and motivational story of his survival and the deaths of his comrades-in-arms in Operation Redwing."

Luttrell and other veterans of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, will make up most of the rosters of the two teams -- one representing Texas and the other Oklahama. Each team each team will be bolstered with a few celebs and rounded out with a professional softball player. Complete rosters can be seen below.

McConaughey will join Luttrell on Team Texas, along with UT alums Vince Young, Earl Campbell, Roger Clemens and Ricky Williams. On the Oklahoma side, country singer Toby Keith will be joined by Billy Dawson and former Dallas Cowboys DB Roy Williams.

The game is Thursday, Oct. 12 at Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. Proceeds benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation. Tickets are available at

Texas Celebrity Team
1. Jeff Cheney- #1- Mayor of Frisco, Texas
2. Jeremy Isenhower-#2- Miken Professional Softball Player
3. Marcus Luttrell-#2- US Navy Veteran- Lone Survivor
4. Morgan Luttrell-#2- US Navy Veteran
5. Maurice Evans-#6- UT/NBA
6. Matthew McConaughey-#8- UT/Actor
7. Tim "TK" Klund- #9- US Air Force Veteran
8. Vince Young- #10- UT/NFL
9. TJ Ford- #11- UT/NBA
10. Justin Feagin-#11- US Army Veteran
11. Jim West- #12- Special Bench Coach
12. Zach Briseno- #13- US Marine Corps Veteran
13. Jermichael Finley- #16- UT/NFL
14. Earl Campbell- #20- UT/NFL/PFHOF
15. Roger Clemens- #21- UT/MLB
16. Ricky Williams- #32- UT/NFL
17. Johnathan Gray- #32- UT Graduate
18. Todd Allen- #33- UT/Actor
19. Tom "T-Mac" Mackie- #34- US Marine Corps Veteran
20. Daniel Brown- #39- US Navy Veteran
21. Winfred Tubbs- #44- UT/NFL
22. Dustin Finkleson-#44- US Coast Guard Veteran
23. Brandon Buttery- #51- US Navy Veteran
24. Kasey Studdard- #64- UT/NFL
25. Jay Humphrey- #67- UT/NFL
26. Michael Nasche- #82- US Army Veteran
27. Stetson Elliott-#82- US Army Veteran

Oklahoma Celebrity Team
1. Corey Warren- #2- OU/NFL
2. Toby Barnett- #3- US Army Veteran
3. Nolan Fogle- #4- Miken Professional Softball Player
4. Bryan Burns- #5- US Air Force Veteran
5. Charles Thompson- #6- OU/NFL
6. Shilo Harris- #7- US Army Veteran
7. Mark Clayton- #9- OU/NFL
8. Juaquin Iglaseis- #9- OU/NFL
9. Toby Keith- #10- OU/Country Music Star
10. Ryan Weaver- #10- US Army Veteran/Country Music Star
11. Derek Bass- #21- US Army Veteran
12. Marieo Foster- #23- US Army Veteran
13. Erik Shaw- #24- US Army Veteran
14. Eric Morante- #25- US Marine Corps Veteran
15. Billy Dawson- #34- OU/Country Music Star
16. Roy Williams- #38- OU/DALLAS COWBOY!
17. Taylor Bonham- #39- US Army Veteran/Country Music Star
18. Dane Zaslaw- #45- OU/NFL
19. Renaldo Works- #47- OU/NFL
20. Rob Paiva- #50- US Navy Veteran
21. Brett Rayl- #59- OU/NFL
22. Adron Tennell- #80- OU/NFL
23. Ryan Broyles- #85- OU/NFL
24. Tommie Harris- #97- OU/NFL

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