Dallas June Storm Cleanup Still Unfinished

Regular bulk trash Collection to resume August 5

The massive cleanup from the June 16 Father's Day storm in Dallas has topped 650,000 cubic yards of debris, the equivalent of 65,000 dump truck loads that average 10 cubic yards each. And the job is not done yet.

Officials first estimated it would be 500,000 cubic yards of debris.

Several location where debris was still on the ground are neighborhoods that were shown as completed in a map distributed to Dallas City Council members Friday.

Piles line Greenville Avenue south of Forest Lane in Dallas -- one such area designated as finished.

Driver Sarah Grace said one of the piles that has been there since just after the storm was a dangerous nuisance as she tried to watch for oncoming traffic while she exited the parking lot at her job.

"Well yeah, because I pass it every day and it's kind of frustrating because I can't see and I just wonder when they're going to fix it," Grace said.

Along the Central Expressway service road near Meadow Road, broken limbs still dangle from damaged trees.

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation said Friday that right of way along the freeway is a city of Dallas responsibility.

That area was also designated as a place where storm cleanup was completed.

"One more gust of wind and that's going to roll out into the street," driver Jessie Laub said. "Now we're almost a month and a half after the storm and we still have this much debris out? We kind of need to pick up the pace a little bit, in all honesty."

Clean up from this storm was a massive task. The city brought in contractors to help city workers with the job. Several locations were set up for grinding the fallen tree debris.

In an email Thursday, city of Dallas spokesman Corbin Rubinson said it is possible that property owners have put more debris at the curb since initial passes were made following the storm. He said crews would make follow up passes through the next week for storm debris.

Regular city of Dallas bulk trash collection will begin the week of August 5.

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