Watching Coaches Can Make Better Bosses

An estimated 50 million American workers will be glued to the NCAA tournament over the next several days, but some business experts are now suggesting bosses also watch the games closely.

It’s not for the basketball action, but rather to keep an eye on how the coaches handle their teams.

“Coaches play many roles in trying to get the best out of the team just like a business and employees,” Trimble Tech High School girl’s basketball coach Derrick Robertson said.

Coaches give their star players a voice; giving natural born leader star billing. When they see a good play, they get just as excited as the team, but not allowing them to get complacent.

Coaches make sure the team has the best equipment and tools to succeed.

A good coach knows his players; who they really are – their dreams, weaknesses and strengths.

“The only way you're going to get the best out of a player is the relationship you build with them,” Robertson said. “You know them well and they trust you and believe in you.”

Coaches also find team leaders and star assistants and groom them to lead – not feeling threatened by them.

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