Man's Car Washed Away By Fast-Moving Water

A man was rescued from his submerged car that was pushed by water Thursday morning on a street near Interstate 30 in Dallas.

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to the scene about 10:30 a.m. near Lawnview Avenue and Military Parkway.

The driver told NBC 5 that he is ok. He said the wall of water pushed his vehicle underneath an overpass where water continued to rush. [[474858343,C]]

He says the water flowed over and into his car, and reached his chest.

The man had cuts to his hands and explained he was trying to open his car door after the flooding subsided.

Police removed the car from the area and the area was reopened for traffic.

Police across North Texas are warning drivers to "Turn around, don't drown" as rainfall from the past few days accumulates and flash floods areas.

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