Man Jailed for Pleasuring Self to Carhop

It took a jury 10 minutes on Tuesday to convict a 68-year-old man of ordering food at a Fort Worth Sonic restaurant with his pants pulled down.

Albino Perez Salas was found guilty of indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and sentenced to the maximum -- 180 days in jail.

Perez pulled up to a drive-thru window at the Sonic in the 6200 block of Camp Bowie Boulevard on May 17 and ordered a burrito and a drink, said Tarrant County assistant district attorney Anna Summersett.

When the carhop walked up to the drive-thru window, she noticed the man's pants were around his ankles.

"She noticed he was not only pantless, but did not have underwear and was pleasuring himself while looking at her," Summersett said. "She closed the drive-thru window."

He then pulled into a parking spot.

"He pushed the button and ordered another drink," Summersett said.

Police arrived minutes later and arrested the man. Officers found a pornographic magazine in his car, prosecutors said.

Perez took the stand during the punishment phase of his trial.

"He took absolutely no responsibility for it," Summersett said. "He made a very short statement that he had on a swimsuit. That was the extent of his explanation."

Perez was on parole after serving two life sentences for a 1988 drug conviction.

"He's going to have to answer to the parole board when he finishes serving his sentence here," Summersett said.

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