Man in Custody for Fatal Crash in Stolen Car

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Three of Swastik Jindal's friends were in a car together in Carrollton when 29-year-old Joseph Warren ran a red light in a stolen car and crashed into theirs. Warren was taken into Custody by Carrollton Police.

“Three of your friends that happen to be in your close circle happen to be impacted by something of this magnitude, one of them is no more with us, pieces of you just shatter away. It's hard to recollect everything that is falling apart,” said Jindal.

Two of the young men are in the ICU. One of the friends, Rohit Khanna, died at the scene.

“Rohit and I were supposed to fly to India tomorrow,” said Jindal. “He was flying to India for the first time in four years, and I was really excited to meet his family.”

Jindal said his friends and family in India and here in Texas are devastated.

“I never knew that I would not have my family here because of this thing. So, it's very hard. Very frustrating to even imagine,” said Shruti Khanna, Rohit Khanna’s cousin.

Jindal said the group of friends, himself included, came to the United States for advanced degrees. They had big dreams.

“It's heavy,” he said. “It's something that one cannot even estimate, that when something like this comes across out of the blue it's just too much.”

Joseph Warren is charged with murder and remains in custody at the Carrollton City Jail. His bond has not yet been set.

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