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Man Charged in Death of Girlfriend's Son, 2: Fort Worth Police

A 22-year-old man is facing a capital murder charge after Fort Worth police said he caused the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son.

Authorities said 2-year-old Adrian Langlais was unresponsive when he arrived at Cook Children's Medical Center by ambulance March 18. Medical workers called police after doctors noted Langlais appeared to have been bitten and suffered injuries that suggested severe head trauma.

Adrian was pronounced dead the next day. The Tarrant County medical examiner has since ruled the boy's cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head.

According to an arrest warrant, Adrian's mother, Jessica Langlais, told police that on March 17 her boyfriend, 22-year-old Christian Michael Tyrrell, took Adrian to another room to put him in timeout when he refused to eat.

She told police she heard Tyrrell yell at Adrian and then heard silence before Tyrrell returned from the room alone.

A few minutes later, when Tyrrell brought him out of the other room, Langlais said she noticed that Adrian had bruises on his face and he had trouble keeping his eyes open.

She said Tyrrell told her that he found Adrian lying on his back outside his play pen. She said Adrian did not eat again that day, had trouble standing and vomited that evening.

The next day, Adrian vomited shortly after eating. After Langlais went to work, she said Tyrrell called and told her an ambulance had taken Adrian to the hospital after he had a seizure and was not breathing.

Tyrrell told police that Adrian seemed fine before he reported the seizure. A search of Tyrell's cellphone, though revealed several Internet searches pertaining to head injuries and concussions between Adrian's timeout and seizure.

Police arrested Tyrrell Wednesday and charged him with capital murder.

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