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Man Arrested After Stealing FedEx Truck, Tearing Open Packages: Police

fedex truck
Grapevine Police Department

A man who took a FedEx truck and was later caught tearing open the packages is now in police custody, Grapevine police say.

According to Grapevine police, a FedEx driver reported his truck was stolen while he was on his route last Friday.

FedEx tracked the truck to a nearby neighborhood and Grapevine police officers were able to respond within minutes.

When police arrived they said the person who took the truck was in the back quickly tearing through the packages and tossing them onto the ground.

When he looked up and saw the officers he ran, police said, but he was chased down and taken into custody.

Grapevine police said they were able to recover the truck and all the packages.

Video of the arrest has not been released, police said, due to the ongoing investigation.

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