Major Sporting Goods Chain Dick's Stops Selling Assault-Type Rifles

Dick's Sporting Goods says it will no longer sell assault-style rifles at it's stores. The CEO of the national chain says the decision is in direct response to the Florida school shooting.

One Denton gun shop owner says he respects the decision.

At Call To Arms Gun Shop,  assault-style rifles are part of owner Bill Anderson's business, a small part, he says.

"I have not seen a huge rush to the gun store," said Anderson.

Now, after their use in several shootings, including one in Parkland, Florida which left 17 dead at a high school, the guns have become targets.

"I support any business in this situation to not sell that product," said Anderson, after Dick's CEO Edward Stack said Wednesday his stories would no longer carry assault-style rifles, or sell them online. Dick's also said it would stop selling high capacity magazines, and won't sell guns to anyone under 21.

Anderson says while he supports the company's business decision, he does not believe calls for banning the guns is the right move.

"I don't know that it will decrease their bottom line," said Anderson. "As a matter of fact, I think it might increase the number of people who say, 'you know what? Dick's is doing this, we need to go to their store'."

Anderson says most of his customers who buy assault-style rifles use them for competition, and yes, hunting. AR-type guns are big amongst North Texans who hunt wild hogs, he said.

Anderson says restricting or eliminating sales of certain types of weapons won't solve the issue of mass shootings. He also doesn't believe smaller gun shops like his will benefit much by the Dick's Sporting Goods decision.

"I'm comfortable in saying if I couldn't sell another AR, it would have little effect on my business, or the public safety."

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