Major Road Projects in Denton a ‘Double-Edged Sword' Say Commuters

In Denton County, leaders are trying to make the ride smoother for commuters. But as in most North Texas communities, progress comes with a little pain.

A road widening project on South Mayhill Road is one of close to a half-dozen in Denton, which in the short term bring delays and detours, but in the long term are designed to improve traffic flow.

Elsewhere in Denton, Loop 288 is being widened at Interstate 35E, an underpass is being dug at Brinker Road, and Teasley Lane will go from two lanes to six. Those Texas Department of Transportation projects cost in the tens of millions of dollars — necessary, say traffic planners, to handle the growing number of cars as Denton experiences a growth boom.

For commuters, it means delays.

"Yeah, definitely," said Brodie Williams, of Frisco. "The whole area is just filled with construction."

The city of Denton is working with TxDOT to make sure the commute goes as smooth as possible. That includes the use of social media, as well as traffic apps, such as Waze.

"To ensure that they have an understanding as soon as possible," said Mark Nelson, Denton director of transportation and aviation. "To understand what they may be facing in terms of a commute and allow them to make decisions and identify alternative routes if possible."

That is the price of progress. A small price, the traffic planners say, to eventually make it easier to get around.

"It's kind of like a double-edged sword," Williams said.

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