Lower Greenville on Alert for Door-to-Door Panhandler

The Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association is warning residents of panhandlers going door-to-door.

Just last week, LGNA said two different homes were approached by a panhandler in the early morning hours.

First, on the 5600 block of Richard Avenue, a man knocked on the door at 5 a.m. That man asked for money and gave a story about his car being broken down.

He even asked the homeowner to go to an ATM to give him money. After a few persistent minutes, the homeowner relented and gave him money, the neighborhood associated reported.

Three days later, a panhandler knocked on the door of a home on Richmond Avenue around 4:30 a.m., asking for money.

If it happens to you, the LGNA and police both recommend not giving the person money and to call 911.

Neighbors are concerned the man could be a burglar casing the homes.

“To knock on the door with hopes that no one is home, they're waiting for there to be no answer,” said neighbor, Anna Short. “That’s definitely the concern.”

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