Love From Baseball Gloves: Creating Keepsakes

Every glove has its own story

When a defensive player in baseball makes a great play, it's called "flashing the leather."

But what happens when the leather gets a bit too old or soft, and it's time to retire that magic glove? Odin Clack has found a way to turn those gloves into a lifelong keepsake.

Clack works out of his garage in Coppell, Texas, making all sorts of items out of leather: belts, wallets, key chains fobs and more.

"I'm out in the work shop at all times," he said. "Day and night."

But the passion for the product comes when Clack takes old baseball gloves and turns them into keepsakes. When little leaguers or big leaguers or done with their mitts, Clack goes to work.

"Every glove has its own story," he said.

And at Odin Leather Goods, every old glove also has a future. He picks out a piece of leather, makes a clean cut and goes to work on the stitching.

"I want to make sure it's perfect," he said about why he works slower than most.

Clack does make items that take more than just a handful of leather, but the gloves is where he finds the love.

"It's recycling the glove, but it's also recycling the memories and keeping them living a lot longer," he said.

Clack also prides himself on being a truly local company. Most of his leather comes from Texas, as do his tools and even the Grand Prairie-made machine he uses to stitch.

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