Long Delays Caused by Construction Has Some Drivers Willing to Pay Out-of-Pocket to Get It Done Sooner

Traffic tie-ups are the norm in front of David's Stove Shop on Mikus Road and Interstate 20 caused by construction in Weatherford. The shop owner said it's been going about a couple of years, but it feels like it's been much longer.

"Feels like 10 years," shop owner David Clack said.

It also seems like an eternity for drivers sitting in the traffic trying to get through the intersections.

"Very slow," driver Doug Walker said. "I get tired of having to sit at the light."

During the evening rush hour, traffic backed up exiting I-20. There's one lane with a long line of cars waiting in a single file line to make their turn.

"It's about a 5 to 8 minute wait at the light to get through every day," driver Jennifer Covarrubias said. "It's frustrating, but I don't know what else you are going to do. There is no other way around it."

"It takes two cycles sometimes because traffic is backed up towards the lake," Clack said. "Gosh, I never counted the cars, but I bet there is 40 to 50 in line."

A Texas Department of Transportation spokesperson said the project is a part of a larger, long-term effort to manage increasing volumes. However, it did encounter delays with water seepage and stability issues associated with a retaining wall construction. There were also grading issues due to old concrete paving discovered from 1940.

Some people have suggested on social media that motorists should take up a collection for a bonus fund to offer the contractor if the job gets completed before Easter or summer 2020.

Some drivers like that idea.

"Absolutely yes," Covarrubias said. "I would absolutely pay for that."

"I am chipping in my taxes," Walker said.

TxDOT said asphalt paving is set to begin this month, weather permitting. The estimated completion is 2020.

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