Local Food Truck Provides Thousands of Meals for North Texans in Need

Ruthie's Food Truck

Ruthie’s Food Trucks has been synonymous with good food and good deeds in North Texas. They continued their mission of providing for their community Friday by feeding 150 staff members at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. It’s part of their community relief efforts following the historic winter storm.

“The Boston Celtics, who were in town for a game at the time, in partnership with the Dallas Mavericks Foundation, were looking to help and feed people in need. So they reached out to Ruthie’s and are partnering with them to feed hundreds of individuals Friday and Saturday,” spokeswoman Kimber Westphall said.

Through the pandemic and the trying times, Ruthie’s has continued to do deliver their signature grilled cheese sandwiches to those doing the most to keep North Texans safe.

“For almost a year now, Ruthie’s has been instrumental in feeding our frontline workers as well. Over 6,000 meals have been donated to local hospital and medical workers, first responders, homeless shelters, senior centers, nonprofits and more,” Westphall said.

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