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Local Five-Year-Old Raises Thousands for Charity with Art

At just five-years-old Caragh Christie has strong artistic vision, and an even stronger heart.

"[I wanted to help people] because they needed help," said Caragh, who lives in Euless.

Determined to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey last summer, or as she puts it, the people "whose houses got hurt," Caragh asked her parents if they'd help her sell the pictures she drew and painted to raise money.

They were stunned.

"Naturally, we were in tears when she told us that," said her father Michael Magnus. "So we put it online and we thought, okay, this is cute. Maybe she'll raise $30 over the weekend or something. So we put some pictures online and they all sold. So we put more online. And they all sold."     

In just two days, her art raked in $600, which they used to buy diapers that they sent down to the Gulf Coast.

They assumed that was it. But then Caragh asked them another question.

"She looked at us and said who do I help next?" said Magnus.

Since then, she's continued to create and sell more art, putting hundreds more dollars into the hands of local non-profits.

"I draw them every morning when my mom leaves for work," said Caragh.

This month, she's helping the Little Hands Book Bank, a charity started by fellow kid Jamison Hands that gives books to children who don't have anything to read at home.

"We're very grateful," said Jennifer Little, Jamison's mom. "And once we get the money she raises, we’ll have Caragh and Jamison get together and go to a bookstore and pick out books that they’ll then give to the book bank.”

Through it all, Caragh has developed quite the following. Complete strangers have purchased her art online. And recently, a toy store in Mansfield called Sock Monkey Junction called her family up out of the blue to see if they would host an art sale at their store.

"Most five-year-olds don't show that kind of maturity," said Teri Smith, one of the owners of Sock Monkey Junction. "And it's pretty awesome to see that."

Caragh held her art show at the store Friday night. By closing time, she'd raised almost $300 for the Little Hands Book Bank.                

Her parents say they'll help her help others as long as she wants to do it. And she's showing no signs of slowing down.

“She just wants to give and she wants to help," said her mother Rebecca Magnus. "She has such empathy and she has a servant heart. And we’re just very blessed."

To view Caragh's work and to learn more about how you can purchase her art online, visit the Caragh's Pictures Helping People Facebook page.

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