Local Business, Viewers Step Up to Help Vet with No A/C

Chuck White spent years dedicating his life to serving our country.

"I’ve got three branches of service under my belt: Army, Marine and Navy," he said.

But he never imagined he’d end up in a situation like this.

"The day that it got hot, and I turned the a/c on and it wouldn’t work, it was just blowing hot air," he said. "At night, I would actually end up having night sweats. Couldn’t really sleep, just toss and turn."

His air conditioner was out of order for weeks, but he said his home warranty claimed his a/c wasn’t covered, meaning he’d have to pay $1700 to fix it.

"It was heartbreaking," said Sarah Webster, his daughter.

She disagreed with the home warranty's decision and showed us his policy, which states that air handling units are covered.

When the home warranty company didn’t come through with a fix, a local air conditioning company stepped up.

Technicians at A#1 Air spent most of the day in the heat setting up White's brand new air conditioner. The labor and a/c unit came at no cost to White.

"You gave so much of your life for us, it’s the least that we can do for you in the hard times especially how hot it is right now," said Nathaniel Aguilar, a lead technician for A#1 Air.

But that wasn’t all.

A local veteran, who asked to remain anonymous, sent a letter for White to let him know that he wasn't alone.

The letter reads in part:

"Thank you for your service. Always remember, we leave no one behind. We take care of our own."

And then, another surprise from that same Vet.

He sent White a check for $1700.

"Wow. I got buddies out there who care. They really do care," said White.

I asked the viewer that sent the veteran the $1,700 check if he wanted the check back, since the a/c had already been fixed.

The generous viewer said absolutely not. He wants the check and letter to serve as a reminder that we never leave our veterans behind.

White said he plans to pay the good deed forward.

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