LGBT Community Rallies Against Immigration Order

Two weeks into President Donald Trump’s administration, demonstrations continue across the country.

On Saturday, members of the LGBT community marched in Dallas protesting the President's executive actions.

More than 100 people attended to a "Not Going Back" rally at Resource Center in Oak Lawn.

"LGBT folks are not going back in the closet. Immigrants are not being banned from our shores," said Rafael McDonnell, the communications & advocacy manager at Resource Center.

The rally was followed by a march down Cedar Springs Road to the Legacy of Love Monument.

Demonstrators showed opposition to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. They also protested a so-called “bathroom bill” making its way through the Texas legislature. The bill would require people to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender at birth rather than their gender identity.

"We have seen cases of kids in schools that are literally getting sick because they've not been able to use the bathroom all day," McDonnell said.

Despite the turn out, not everyone in the LGBT community is in agreement.

Nick and Paul Broxton are trump supporters at odds with their community's message of acceptance. 

"Almost fist fights have occurred over discussing being a republican and supporting Trump," Nick Broxton said.

"If I voice my opinion about Donald Trump or my support for him, then I'm automatically ostracized from my own community just because I don't agree with the same political views that they agree with," Paul Broxton said.

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