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Lewisville's School Board Election System Violates Voting Rights for People of Color, Suit Alleges

The lawsuit stems from a Black woman who lost an election. The first attempt at change in LISD was sparked by a white man.

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A new lawsuit once again alleges that Lewisville ISD denies voters of color fair representation on its school board. 

The case against Lewisville schools, filed Tuesday in federal court, was brought on behalf of an African-American woman whose children attended district schools. Paige Dixon’s race will be integral to the case, given that a similar suit against LISD was thrown out because a judge determined the plaintiff, a white man, could not show that his voting rights had been impacted.

Dixon ran for a spot on the board in May 2021 and lost. She alleges that the at-large system — in which voters can cast ballots for every board spot, regardless of where in the district they live — that is used to elect trustees undercuts the political voice of voters of color.

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