Lake Lewisville

Lewisville Lake Park Closed to Vehicles Due to Rising Water

With more rain in the forecast, the lake level is expected to continue to rise

lewisville lake flooding
NBC 5 News

Lewisville Lake Park is temporarily closed to vehicle traffic, including the public boat ramps, due to rising water.

City officials said Thursday afternoon that with more rain in the forecast the water level at Lake Lewisville is expected to continue rising and that the closure might be necessary through Memorial Day.

Water is already covering some roads and trails making them impassable, officials said.

The campgrounds, fishing barge, and Lake Park Golf Course remain open for public use, and pedestrians are still allowed to walk around the park and fish off the shore. The disc golf course is partially opened.

The city said visitors who come to Lake Park can park their vehicles in any lot, but the spots closest to the park entrance are located in the north lot of Bob Wiseman Soccer Complex on Turtle Trail, between Sandy Beach Road and Lake Park Road. There also will be some parking spaces along Sandy Beach Road. Visitors are reminded that parking may be limited due to scheduled sporting events.

Anyone walking around the park should remember that floodwaters have changed the conditions of the shoreline and have submerged some objects such as picnic tables, signs, and other structures. Caution is urged when walking around, and visitors are encouraged to wear a life jacket when walking along the shore.

Lewisville Parks and Recreation Department will post routine updates on lake conditions on its Twitter and Facebook social media accounts, and on

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